Sunday, June 12, 2016

Country Store Romance--An Excerpt from 'Ride With Me'

May 5, 1942 From Ruth’s journal

    I met a handsome young man in an old country store this evening. To be completely honest, I was melted by his crooked, genuine smile and drawn to his eyes that were lit by a touch of fire. He also had what I perceived to be an unusual dose of humility for one his age. I know I may never see him again, but if we are to return here, I cannot deny that hope is within me.

May 5, 1942 From Earl’s journal

    I’m not sure that I ever truly stopped breathing, even for a moment, when meeting a girl—until today. Her name is Ruth, and the only thing more beautiful than her physical appearance was her spirit that flooded the country store where I met her. Her eyes were deep and exuded life, and she possessed such a soft and sweet demeanor. Yet she was also strong and steady in a quiet, gentle way. God, I know you don’t look more highly upon man based on what he does, but I have to say that I’d do just about anything if you bring her back this way.

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