Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Strong and Steady

I recently stood in my backyard while sipping my morning coffee, admiring the great tree that stands just twenty feet from the door. The tree, which I have often considered, is strong and steady, with deep roots that anchor it to the earth and vast branches that provide a safe fortress for squirrels and birds.

I thought of how the tree would remain unmoved amidst the huge storm that was supposed to hit the city later that night. It may lose a few branches or even a limb, but it would surely be standing in the morning. It has been through countless storms already, and would barely notice this one.

As I took another sip of coffee, I thought of how I’d like to be more like that tree—strong and steady, undaunted by the storms and uncertainties of life that come to us all, as well as a source of refuge for others. I then thought of how, by God’s grace and empowerment, I am more like that tree now than I was years ago, and how I would become more like the tree in the years to come—so long as I continue to follow the One who brought that tree to life.
And so I ask the question: What are you leaning on? Trusting in? Putting your hope in? If we wish to endure the storms that will come our way and be more for those around us, it’s worth considering.

My soul finds rest in God alone;
     my salvation comes from him.  
He alone is my rock and my
     he is my fortress, I will never
          be shaken.

                                Psalm 62:1-2

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