Saturday, October 27, 2012

Take the Day - A Fall Memory

An excerpt from life, November 2009

Some mornings start out as a desperate attempt to find life, energy and purpose. Yesterday was one of them. From the moment my eyes opened, depression and worry tried to enter, cripple, and reign. Then I went to my knees to pray, giving thanks for all things, most of which I couldn't readily see or feel. Nonetheless, I knew they existed. Mixed in with the prayers were some requests and thoughts that formed a dialogue with my Creator that did not end after I rose to my feet.

Somewhere in between the opening of my eyes and the subsequent descent to my knees was a decision to take the day, and that is when light began pouring in.  Empowered by the touch of God that restores vision, I went on to enjoy a beautiful morning filled with a sweet time of meditation on a handful of verses, an excellent tasting cup of bold coffee, a few wet kisses from my neighbor’s ultra-loving, playful Labrador who stuck his head (along with the rest of his body) through my open basement window to say hello, and a vigorous half-hour of raking leaves in the brisk air while the sun rose steadily in the horizon, shining ever brighter through the trees.  All of this led to a day of hard work, purpose and gratitude that was shared with others.

Much lies in wait for us each day, if we first get aligned with the Way.

I am blessed.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Mathew 5:6

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