Friday, June 15, 2012

The magic of a thankful spirit is...

We can choose between desiring what we don't have, being upset or angry over that which we have lost, or being thankful for what we have right now.  Below is a short writing that helps make the choice an easy one:

Devotional thought on Thankfulness, by Donald E. Demaray

            The magic of a thankful spirit is that it has the power to replace…

            anger with love,
            resentment with happiness,
            fear with faith,
            worry with peace,
            the desire to dominate with the wish to play on a team,
            self-preoccupation with concern for the needs of others,
            guilt with an open door to forgiveness,
            sexual impurity with honor and respect,
            jealousy with joy at another’s success,
            lack of creativity with inspired productivity,
            inferiorities with dignity,
            a lack of love with an abundance of self-sharing.

"Let us be thankful..." Hebrews 12:28

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