Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometimes We Forget

Sometimes we forget where we started; where the beginning of this journey of faith was at the beginning of a road going nowhere.

Sometimes we forget about the extreme transformation that turned us from chasing after the wind, always searching but never finding, to living and breathing in a light that allows the breeze to pass through us.

Sometimes we forget about where others are now, who stand in a fog without knowledge of the hope and new life that is available to them through a relationship with that which created them.

Sometimes we forget about the blessings and gifts poured upon us, the opportunities lying wait and the responsibilities that accompany the Christian walk.  In the haste of the day we lose sight of the gift of life, the opportunities to grow and learn, and the responsibility to share.

Sometimes we forget that the one thing which can fulfill our deepest needs and desires, the one thing that can guide us through each decorated season of life and paint our hearts and minds with something that our human eyes will never have the capacity to see, is never far from us.  Rather, it is right before us and within, both in the pages of a book with words that have prospered for thousands of years and in the air we have breathed ever since we first opened our eyes.

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