Saturday, March 3, 2012

Heaven Sent

An excerpt from Rearview Sunset - A Novel

Like the soft summer breeze, she flew into the young man’s life,
            drifting right into the center of his thoughts and dreams.
She opened doors deep within him, 
            easily breaking through walls that stopped others.

She painted a vibrant portrait of life for him,
            full of zest, creativity, faith and morals.
One that reminded him of how he wanted things
to be, felt they should be, hoped they could be.

She slowed him down while speeding him up,
            adding tranquility and vitality to his soul. 
Dreams and desires became clear,
while fog from his past began to disappear.

For a brief moment in time, he flew so high,  
tasting the air above the clouds and near the heavens,
 though with the cool autumn wind, she was swept away,
            only to return to him through his daydreams.

He continued to soar, though in times of quiet reflection,
he often wondered why she had flown away,
and why after all the passing time and changes in his life,
she still stepped into his thoughts.

In a search for answers he discovered,
            that through her a better man he became,
and that while some things are not meant to be understood,
they do happen for reasons known by God, revealed through time.
She may have been guided onto his path,
            sent to awaken his senses and open his eyes,
plant seeds within him that will help him grow,
            and prepare him for the crown that is to come.

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