Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Great White Light

(An excerpt from Rearview Sunset - A Novel)

      In the dream he ran, hard and fast and without looking back and without direction. Through the woods and fields he ran, crossing shallow rivers and streams and hurdling over barbwire fences, his clothes torn and tattered, blood mingled with sweat dripping down his skin. On one side there appeared fell shapes of bodies with hell-bent eyes reaching out with long, skinny, and malicious fingers, trying to grab hold of him. They were futile, though; he would swing out at them with fury and knock them down, one after the other, as he continued to run. Yet they kept coming. On the other side was a bright light and figures of gentility that exuded a quiet, undeterred power that had their hands open to him, reaching out as if urging him to take hold and escape, non-threatening, though ever so ardent and compassionate. He pulled away from them too, however, as if he couldn’t accept their help, fighting incomprehensible compassion on one side and hideous malcontent on the other. On and on he ran, branches whipping him in the face while dodging trees. He soon became very tired and weary, often stumbling to the ground. On one fall it felt as if he wouldn’t be able to get up, distressed when looking behind him and seeing the evil forms crowding around with delight. Overwhelmed by their numbers and their mounting grip upon him, he nearly gave up, until he lifted his head one last time to see a great white light that lay just beyond the wood…

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