Friday, December 16, 2011

Carry Us On, Great River

(An excerpt from Fingerprints of God - Taking a Closer Look)

River of Life,

Sweep us away to that indescribable place.
where heaven and earth softly embrace.
Carry us deeper into life and faith,
where the waters rise high above our waists.

Lead us to where we can clearly hear the voice
of the Great One who directs your course.
Open our eyes and ears to all that passes by:
the beauty, the purpose, and the widow’s cry.

Teach us to always keep our end in sight,
to stay childlike inside as we press on in the fight,
to take the morning, to glean from the past,
through all these fleeting days that drift by so fast.

If we should travel too far into the coves
or get stuck in the river bends or oxbows,
and lose sight of the horizon, our place in the race,
draw us out, restore our vision, direction, and pace.

Let us be a carrier of your life and light,
let it flow through us into the darkest of night,
refreshing the lost and weary with hope and peace,
bringing joy, laughter, freedom, and release.

Splash us when discouragement strikes hard and fast,
when our souls are tired, crushed, lonely, or downcast,
and when the deceiver taunts us with our forgiven past.

Splash us when all seems so dark and grim,
when temptation and willful sins seek to win,
and passion for purity and others grows dim.

May your power overwhelm us,
your beauty move us,
your sounds revive us,
your water cleanse us,
your gentleness comfort us.

Carry us on, Great River,
into sweet fellowship and love with other voyagers of the Way,
into the light of the Bright Morning Star and a brand new day,
until we pass into the land where all tears and pain are forever wiped away.

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