Monday, June 7, 2010

The Ticking of the Clock

This evening I went for a walk during the twilight hour of the night. It was a long day at work and my mind was in need of refreshment. I often enjoy walks, and this one did not disappoint me. The western sky was painted in a soft blue that was gradually fading away, with a few bright stars marking their place in the heavens for all to see. The trees and tall grass were swaying in the light breeze, and the air was just the right temperature. Not too muggy, nor too cold. In the distance, the humming sound of cars on the highway could be heard.

Upon returning to the house of some friends that I am staying with, I found it to be quiet and still. A bit unusual, as it is usually bustling with the energy and life of the family that occupies it. There was one noise that caught my attention, though: the ticking of a small, wooden clock that hangs on the wall. The sound reminded me of the clock at my grandma's that often lulled me to sleep and dream as a young boy. It was a fond sound, one that usually goes unnoticed in the fast pace of today.

Quiet moments. We all need them to reflect on those important things that can pass by so quickly. Things that deserve our time and attention. Life will always keep on churning, though our time here is limited.

God, help me to see and hear, to live and love, to run and walk, all my days. And thank you for the sky and wind, and especially for others.

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